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The early vote among Ohio union members tilts even more heavily in President Obama’s favor (79% to 21%).

This continues a tradition of providing South African Elections Updates since 1999 in an innovative way.Note that this map requires an internet connection and may use data when viewed on a mobile device.If hiking without internet or cellular data, refer to the georeferenced PDF maps below.The challenges saw media workers and media outlets being expected to do more - with very little resources, experience or assistance from media owners. Giovanni Poggi (Lecturer, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University) | 9 September 2016 As the country and the African National Congress (ANC) sifts through the settling dust of the latest local government election season, there has perhaps been much more for politicians and civil society to reflect upon than ever before.The ANC, resting on its past laurels, managed to drag itself across the finishing line as the overall winner in terms of the aggregate overall statistics, and the local wards captured.

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With Democrats facing steep odds to retain a majority, recent blunders by Tea Party candidates has sure-fire GOP wins into likely D seats.