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He is one of the more normal people working in the lab, and helps teach Zack how to appropriately socialize.

His family is extremely wealthy – and happens to be the single largest donor to the Jeffersonian Institution; they own the Cantilever Group, the third largest privately owned corporation in the United States, and Jack is their sole heir.

It is said that "The Cantilever Group itself generates more GNP than Europe" although this is probably a hyperbole as Europe generates trillions in GNP.

A pedestrian was left with a fractured chest and skull when he face-planted into the ground after a runaway tyre hit him on the back of the head.

Chiquis says she is sharing these details now "not to be morbid, but rather for the purposes of cleansing my soul and being transparent." Chiquis recalls in the book: “My father would take advantage of those weekends, exploiting my silence more and more while simultaneously becoming ever more aggressive.

His growing boldness translated into longer, more fearsome and more painful sessions for me.

He added: 'Witnesses said that the vehicle was carrying a trailer and the tyre came loose form the axles on the back of that.'This was a freak accident where the wheel struck him at the exact moment where his head was.'Mr Fernandes is currently being treated at Marcio Marcio Cunha in the city.

Jack Stanley Hodgins is an entomologist, botanist, and mineralogist who works at the Jeffersonian Institute.

He is not only an expert on spores and minerals, but conspiracy theories are his hobby.

So here are 20 hidden treasures that deserve to be cranked in celebration of the late great Lou Reed. Read Laurie Anderson's touching tribute to Lou Reed .

It presents New York as a city of lights, where every light is a star, and every star is a satellite of love in a big sky.

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