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"But when I tell kids sometimes, ‘Just be yourself,' I feel like, ‘I hope you can do that. '""Maybe if you're finally getting to be yourself, it's more of a celebration," Miley added.When it comes to failing with the opposite sex, I am a giant and I would like to invite you to stand on my shoulders. The next 6 months were like the buildup of a mid-90s slasher where every brutal act hits closer and closer to home until you realize it’s all because of that one shitty thing you once did.After dating a guy two years younger than me, I decided to date an older man… This ended with me getting a restraining order against him.The next 12 months after that were like “The Land Before Time” because even though it had its charming moments we all know all the dinosaurs are dead now and you can’t help thinking it the entire time.I’m 16 and super focused on my career and just livinnggg life! Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had a laid back day together!

Earlier in the day, Liam got in a morning surf session with his brother Luke and caught some major waves.But then, just 16 months after Liam got down on one knee, they were over.To say they took different paths post breakup would be an understatement. A day after the announcement, he was spotted hanging out with Mexican model Eiza González.If that isn’t enough, stay tuned for further posts about this weirdo. When she hasn't been upsetting the internet with her "shocking" display of armpit hair, Cyrus has been in the studio recording new material and casually attending events with Joan Jett, while Schwarzenegger is studying at USC.

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Miley—who pointed out that she was always the one girls "wanted to experiment" with in Nashville—explained that when dating guys, there was an "overly macho energy" that she didn't like."That made me feel like I had to be a femme-bot, which I'm not. The singer has never been one to be a fan of labels, and therefore doesn't label herself as anything specific when it comes to who she dates.

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  1. Why do these prominent and powerful men risk all for erotic love? She seems to have loved and supported him for a very long time -- over 20 years -- and put up with his extramarital affairs, but in the end, she had had enough and left him.