Private listing updating service

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Private listing updating service

Businesses can describe the services available at their business and can add hours, photos, and specific links to their website.Bing Places for Business also helps keep that information updated by notifying the business contact when the listing information is more than three months old.

They are the main way that consumers discover your offerings.Bing will use the listings added on Bing Places for Business to show the right business information to customers searching Bing and Bing Maps on their PCs and mobile devices.Business can use Bing Places for Business to preview their listings on Bing and then make the necessary updates or corrections.The following are some of the items to have ready: There are two licensing options when creating listings, license by organization and license by member. PH, NYC, VOTE, BLACKFRIDAY, TATTOO, VOTO, SYDNEY, FLOWERS, LOL, AMSTERDAM, HIPHOP, JUEGOS, LINK, GUITARS, GIFT, CLICK, NRW, PROPERTY, STORAGE, DIET, HELP, SEXY, MOM, AUDIO, GAME, CHRISTMAS, PHOTO, HOSTING, MELBOURNE, RE.

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