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Maybe he hasn’t been in official relationships with all the gals on this list, BUT we can state with much confidence that he has definitely kissed at least 5/6 at least once — hey, acting counts!

has opened up about how she's struggled to move past the "casual racism" involved in typecast roles. You say diversity, but it is not 'diversity' – it is [about] a more truthful representation on our screens, so people see a Chinese person speaking English and won't come to the assumption that people of colour don't speak English."part and had no acting experience, though it came with strings attached in the shape of online abuse and trolling over her character's kiss with Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe.

Disarmingly, she said: ‘That’s what I really like to do more than anything.

I find killing zombies and games like Call Of Duty really therapeutic.

‘I will always be grateful for the opportunity the Harry Potter films gave me.

Katie was only 16 when she landed the part of Cho Chang in the record-breaking movie franchise based on JK Rowling's books.

The Motherwell-based teenager auditioned after her father spotted an advert for the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire casting call.

No more."which sees her play a Chinese-born girl Mei who is given up for adoption to Anglo-American parents because of China's controversial one-child policy.

IT was the kiss that broke a million hearts as Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe and Katie Leung locked lips in a coming-of-age moment for the famed boy wizard.

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Katie was selected from more than 3,000 hopefuls and catapulted to stardom.