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For a lot of us, dealing with negative comments is just part of online life, and you never know when something you say or do will provoke an angry outburst from a stranger behind the safety of a keyboard.

When I got out I blow-dryed my hair and did my make-up.. " Nikki asked walking up to me so we could hug "Yea Uncle talked my mom into letting me come.. We hugged and as soon as we did i herd from behind me a very famelier deep voice say "Kelsi is that you?? I laughed "Tommy I missed you like crazy how are you??

Even though he hasn’t been a member for that long, ASHBA says the chemistry of Guns N’ Roses is something money can’t buy.

One of the lead guitarists of the group, ASHBA feels at home with this instrument in hand.

But ASHBA's been a musician since age three, and it turns out the born-to-play guitarist had absolutely nothing to worry about.

Despite the fears of letting down loyal fans, ASHBA's transition into the band was a smooth one.

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