Is he interested in dating

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Is he interested in dating

If you are still wondering how can he text back so fast, you are missing the point.

But for the most part, men can be pretty straightforward with their intentions, and you can find it a bit easier to check whether or not he wants something serious between the two of you.

You kiss in private, but he won’t go near you when you’re out in public.

However, given the high volume of questions we receive from readers asking us to decipher whether a guy likes them or not (and the fact that “Does He Like Me?

We women have been sold the lie for so long that we have no power in relationships - and Evan turns that lie around and gives you your power back.

He not only gives you your power back, he shows you exactly how to use it - and what's even MORE important, how NOT to use it.

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His eyes will be glued to you, and he’ll be holding on to every word you say.

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