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" Harking back to the days of Maupassant, he replied, "I'm emotionally -- literally "a five to seven" -- is when a man or woman slips out of work or home and squeezes in a sexual escapade.

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You cannot translate word by word, so you need to train until this way of making an invitation in French sounds normal to you.

There are many ways to accept, but here are the most common: Refusing an invitation in French – or in any language – is not easy.

Camille Chevalier Karfis: Written French is always more formal than spoken French, except for texting (les textos, les SMS) of course.

For example, we are still far from starting a French formal letter with "salut" and finishing it with "À plus..." There is a huge gap between spoken and written French.

So you need to train a lot on this concept so the French way becomes natural to you…

Let me warn you that the typical French may be a bit more blunt than the Americans on this front…

In the indent style the sender’s address, if not given in the letterhead, appears at the top right-hand corner with the date below it.

The complimentary close and signature block are at the bottom right.

The one recommended by the Canadian government’s Treasury Board for administrative correspondence is the block style.

(The Board recognizes that the full block style may not be suitable for all types of correspondence.) In it all lines begin flush with the left margin, including the sender’s address, the date, the complimentary close and the signature, as illustrated in the example found in section 10.26 Model letter.

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